Chicas Poderosas México summons a meeting to build their Mediatón #VocesEnAlza

Chicas Poderosas México summons journalists, designers, programmers and women who work in media to participate in a meeting that will take place on Monday, October 7 from 9am to 12pm at the Google offices in Mexico City.

This November, as several years ago, Chicas Poderosas will organize their Mediatón in Mexico City, and we are calling a previous meeting to think and build together this collaborative event. This year, the call is named #VocesEnAlza, an invitation to create collaborative and interdisciplinary stories on issues related to harassment against women.

During the meeting, Google News Lab will share tools that we can use to relieve information and create stories related to harassment against women. In addition, we will open the space for them to tell us what they would like to learn, what tools they need to know better to report on this topic, and what leaders and organizations we should convene for the #VocesEnAlza Mediatón. Also come to know what is Powerful Girls, the work that this global community does in 18 countries around the world and how you can be part.

The #VocesEnAlza Mediatón will be held on November 23 and 24 with the support of the Google News Initiative. Information on how to participate in the event will be shared at the meeting.

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