Chicas Poderosas opens a call for journalists to submit stories of migration of women and non-binary people

Chicas Poderosas, with the support of Google News initiative, is starting a regional investigation into the experiences of migration of women and non-binary people in Latin America, and is opening the call for journalists who report on all formats to submit pitches on this topic.

We invite all journalists working on all types of format (online, video, podcast, fotografía, audio, social media, photography) to send proposals to cover stories of migration of women and non-binary people. The stories have to be human-centered and approached with a gender lense.

From the stories we receive, our coordination team will do a selection and then we will open an invitation to the community of Chicas Poderosas to participate in a crowdsourcing process to choose the stories that will be included in the project, in an editorial process that puts the decision-making power in the hands of the reader. The stories that are chose will be commissioned to the journalists that proposed them and they will be financially compensated for their work.

This collaborative storytelling process at a regional level aims to highlight the experiences of women and non-binary people, throw light on inclusion and diversity in the migration phenomenon in the region, and document the way in which migrations deconstruct and rebuild environments and relations and brings us closer to what it means to be a person in the XXIst century.

We open this call for you to submit a story that needs to be told. Because it’s interesting, because it contributes with new, relevant information to understand migration and the experiences of women and non-binary people and/or because it highlights aspects that we should know and understand. In case you want to propose a story that you think needs to be told but you don’t want to tell it, let us know.

You can pitch your story using this form.

Please share so that more journalists can be part of this project <3

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