Lisbon made in Virtual Reality

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June 16, 17 and 18

Global experts in virtual reality and 360º film come to Lisbon to be mentors of journalists, designers, video and photography producers, programmers and artists.

The reality of the city in the eyes of the whole world … virtually. For three days, Lisbon will be the stage of a virtual reality event promoted by the Chicas Poderosas organization. The meeting is aimed at all those working with digital image (photography or video), programmers, designers, journalists and artists who want to learn about virtual reality and 360º film, with the goal of developing immersive narrative experiences Storytelling).

The event takes place at the Communications Museum and Beta-i in Lisbon: the first day includes talks and conferences for demonstration and sharing of virtual reality productions. The next two days will serve to get their hands on: a hackathon for production of immersive narratives.

In Lisbon, in the role of mentors, will be Mariana Moura Santos, founder of the Chicas Poderosas and former The Guardian, Zena Barakat, IDEO, Antonio Camara Ydreams, Robert Hernandez whose work can be seen in publications such as The New York Times, NPR Bjork of the virtual worlds, Linda Rath-Wiggins, co-founder and CEO Vragments and Millan Berzoza of Google News Lab, Simon Duflo of Wonda VR, Thomas Seymat of Euronews, Luis Martins of IT People, Dany Rojas of 3GO and Gaby Brenes from Chicas Poderosas Costa Rica and Argentina.

Detailed information about the speakers and their presentations here

Participation is free but places are limited and conditioned to the constitution of multidisciplinary teams, to be selected by the organization. Through a partnership with the media partners, Chicas Poderosas guarantees places for the national media professionals, with the aim of boosting innovation in digital storytelling in Portugal, taking our stories around the world through multidisciplinary teams: designers, Programmers, video producers, who promote mutual aid, learning and the mixing of talents.

If you want to come to the 3 days of the event, sign up here, event limited to 40 people:

We thank the support of our sponsors that make this event a reality:
Google NewsLab, Hotel Martinhal, Beta-i, Samsung, Wonda VR, CML, IT People, Bliss Applications, Start Up Portugal and Uber who is offering a 5 eur code for those who want to use it on their first trip: CHICAS_VR_LX

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