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Stories of Feminicide- A Project of Chicas Poderosas & Connectas

By on April 7, 2017

You always tend to blame the victims, what can we do to change this?
This and other more questions were discussed in our second virtual encounter between Connectas and…


Violence against women in Latin America: Feminicide

By on March 31, 2017

 CHICAS PODEROSAS and Connectas discuss the important issue of feminicide.

We have the opinion of Esperanza Franco and Víctor Tablas of UNDP, with Martín Rodríguez Pellecer de Nómada in Guatemala and…


Chicas Poderosas Indigenous: Wayuu Chapter

By on November 27, 2016

“Stories of Water” – Chicas Poderosas Riohacha, Guajira

In February 2014 the municipality of Uribia, in the Colombian Guajira, the northernmost department of the country, declared itself in public calamity….


“The Pacific counts” – Chicas Poderosas Quibdó, Colombia

By on November 22, 2016

How Chicas Poderosas have managed to replicate, even in regions far away from big cities? We have the latest experiences of CHICAS PODEROSAS Colombia.

After being in Bogota, this year the…


New chapters of Chicas Poderosas Colombia: Quibdo

By on June 26, 2016

“The Pacific counts” -Chicas Poderosas Quibdo, Colombia

How Chicas Poderosas has managed to replicate, even in remote areas to big cities? We have recent experience of …