Code of conduct Chicas Poderosas

A safe space for us to work, learn, collaborate and live.

The success of our mission depends on something just as important: creating a safe, supportive environment of trust in which every Chica can grow and flourish.

Chicas Poderosas is built on a foundation of respect. The alchemy of Chicas relies on allies and champions who understand that there’s enormous untapped female potential, and that the key to unlocking it is clearing the effects of decades of social, cultural, and sexual oppression. Turning self-doubt into possibility requires building a space free from those forces.

For any and all ambassadors, workshop trainers, speakers, sponsors, allies, volunteers and general public who attend and take part in Chicas Poderosas events:

  1. We avoid insulting, humiliating or intimidating expressions or gestures when referring to others, whether online or in person.
  2. We avoid any type of behaviors that limit expressions of identity, gender, political ideals or religious beliefs, as well as any behavior that censors, hurts or attacks others, or isolates them.
  3. We do not tolerate physical conducts and attitudes aimed at personally, physically or emotionally discrediting any person.
  4. We do not accept sexist, racist or other forms of discriminatory jokes or comments, either online or in person.
  5. We completely reject improper or unwanted sexual advances, whether online or in person.
  6. We reject outright any attitudes of online or in person harassment.
  7. We reject harassment: this is to be understood as any form of verbal comment that reinforces discrimination based on gender, or the expression of identity and gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body measurements, race, age or religious in work or social contexts.
  8. We avoid spreading sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, harassment with photography or recording, sustained interruptions during keynotes and meetings, and other uncomfortable interactions, whether online or in person.
  9. We do not tolerate unwelcome physical contact and sexual remarks or considerations.
  10. We defend equal access to opportunities in skillbuilding, education, professional exchange and feedback before, during and after our events.

We ask you to sign this agreement, thus showing your support and commitment to this Code of Conduct.  Being able to document, broadcast and live free of harassment is the philosophy of Chicas Poderosas.


Location and Date:

In case you witness or are subjected to actions or behaviors similar to the above-mentioned situations, please contact [email protected], or reach out to the organizers of the event you’re attending, via WhatsApp or in person if you feel uncomfortable.


  • To the organizers and/or ambassadors:
    • Talk to the person raising the issue of the aggression, in a safe space and far from the aggressor. Initial confrontation is not the best idea, it revictimizes and hurts.
    • Document the aggression through screenshots, saved emails, audios, videos, photos and/or text messages. Back them up in a secure location.
    • Gather the event organizers to inform them of what has happened and decide on a course of action, and come to an agreement on how the aggressor will be notified about the team’s decision.
    • Zero tolerance means that the person is expelled of the event as soon as the case is analyzed. It’s important that this person is informed of the expulsion’s reasons, but not the identity of the injured party.
    • Provide company and support for the injured or aggravated person throughout the rest of the event. If the person decides to leave the event or file a complaint, it’s important that he or she is not alone.
    • Follow up with the injured party the next day to know how he or she is feeling and would like to do next.
  • Block the aggressor from social media, phone and email channels. Contact with this person will be made through the Chica Safe Delegate and via the official email account [email protected]
  • Publishing the details of a sexual aggression or incidents gender-based violence is revictimizing and violent in itself, and it will also legitimize the aggressor and might put the injured party in harm’s way. We strongly recommend not to make the incident public.
  • If the incident is made public by reasons outside of Chicas Poderosas’ control, the crisis management protocol should be applied. Communications will only be made through the official email account [email protected], and messages should be signed by Chicas Poderosas and/or Mariana Santos.

You can download the Code of Conduct Chicas Poderosas : Código Chicas ENG

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