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Colombia Latin America

Investigative Reporting Program Launches in Bogotá, Colombia

By on August 8, 2017

The Chicas Poderosas, multi-country investigative reporting program launched this week in Bogota, Colombia with two virtual events from First Draft News and CrowdTangle. The virtual sessions are a prelude to the upcoming three-day event to train women journalists on how to analyze social media data, and mine data for…


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Colombia Latin America Mexico

Two Chicas Poderosas win Ortega y Gasset

By on May 12, 2016

Lilia Saúl and Ginna Morelo
A joint effort of the daily El Tiempo (Colombia) and El Universal (of Mexico) received on Thursday May 5 the Ortega y Gasset Journalism Award in the category of best media coverage. Desaparecidos (Missing) is a multimedia research led by Ginna Morelo in Colombia and Lilia…

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