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Powerful Conversations #2: Spaces led by women: Design + Journalism.

By on July 16, 2019


New live streaming project launch by Chicas Poderosas.

Chicas Poderosas announces the launching of Conversaciones Poderosas, a digital project focused on sharing experiences and knowledge about journalism, design, management and other topics through live-streaming on YouTube. 

Given the gender inequality in the media, Conversaciones Poderosas seeks to connect women journalists from Ibero-America to have an online conversation about their own experiences in the development of independent journalism projects by using a medium that amplifies their voices.

The community of Chicas Poderosas is one of the largest networks of women in journalism in Ibero-America, but our efforts are ongoing to develop innovative tools that strengthen the capacities of this network and their participants. Therefore, Conversaciones Poderosas will use live-streaming technology to develop new proposals for conversations that can connect and inspire our network, and beyond. 

You can watch the pilot here, and learn more about the participants of the first session: Mariana Santos (Portugal), Belén Arce (Argentina), Gaby Brenes (Costa Rica)  and Lucia Chuquillanqui (Peru).  

Join the next conversation about journalism and design on Sunday 21 of July 17:00 pm (ET) on Información para el Flyer:

When: Sunday July 21

Time: 5 pmMéxico, Peru, Colombia /  7 pm  Argentina / 6 pm New York/  4 pm Guatemala. 

Join the conversation:

The speakers:

Tea Alberti – Argentina – Clarín



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Loren Giordano – Guatemala – Nómada



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Eliana Vaca – Colombia – El Poder de Elegir 



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