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No power is above yours: Chicas Poderosas Pura Vida

By on March 21, 2018

Date: March 21, 22 and 23, 2018

Hours: 12md to 1:20 p.m.

Platform: Zoom

In the framework of the upcoming presidential elections in Costa Rica, Chicas Poderosas Pura Vida offers three virtual and free classes on data verification (fact-checking) on ​​March 21, 22 and 23, from 12 to 1:20 pm.

During 3 sessions of 80 minutes, attendees will learn about fact-checking tools and data visualization, the process of searching and curating the data to verify the speech, and good practices to incorporate this methodology in a newsroom or related organizations. . We will also look for those false news or information related to the electoral campaign in our country.

The courses are open, but require prior registration in the following link:



  • Wednesday, March 21: “Introduction to Fact-Checking for journalists”
    Mentor: Alejandro Fernández Sanabria (Univisión Noticias)
  • Thursday, March 22: “Data Design and Visualization”
    He teaches: Eliana Vaca (Chicas Poderosas Colombia)
  • Friday: March 23: “Verification of Images and Sources”
    He gives: Tom Trewinnard (Meedan)


Mentors and Mentors


Alejandro Fernández: data journalist at Univisión Noticias. Fact-checker and co-founder of, the first fact-checking platform in Spanish in the United States.

Session: “Introduction to Fact-Checking for journalists”

Eliana Vaca: graphic designer specialized in data visualization, editorial design and project management. She is also the Creative Director of Chicas Poderosas Colombia. He led, along with the team of Chicas Poderosas Colombia, the “El Poder de Elegir” project.

Session: “Data Design and Visualization”

Tom Trewinnard: Director of Commercial Development at Meedan, leading organization in the creation of digital tools for research, fact-checking and translation of content on the web.

Session: “Verification of Images and Sources”



  • Learn about the journalistic work process when using digital research tools, such as fact-checking, to improve electoral coverage.
  • Identify discursive and technological elements that favor the viralization of false information in the political sphere
  • Encourage media literacy to more easily recognize false information in digital media.
    Provide new narrative perspectives to cover elections with the focus on data from the social web.
  • Train journalists, designers and data analysts of the research area and give them tools to generate an impact on their writing.


Participant profile

  • Journalists, Communication Professionals and / or Editors
  • Interactive and audiovisual designers
  • Data Analysts




Chicas Poderosas Pura Vida


Gabriela Brenes


Emiliana García


We will continue to empower women in Latin America to have the knowledge of technology that allows data access and responsible journalism.

This is possible because of the work of Chicas Poderosas Pura Vida’s ambassadors: Gabriela Brenes, Emilia Garcia, Jessenya Arraya, Carolina Coto, Roberto Acuña, Ale Vargas and Yanancy Noguera.

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