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The latest news about our Design Sprint in Recife, Brazil.

By on October 31, 2017

On October 28 and 29, Chicas Poderosas organized its second Design Sprint, this time at the headquarters of the Journal Commercio, in Recife (Brazil). As part of the event, 20 participants learned to apply Human Centered Design to develop and advance their own independent media projects.

These trainings organized by Chicas Poderosas and with the mentoring of IDEO seek to build journalistic projects that offer solutions more adapted to the needs of consumers.

Get to know the participants, their projects, what motivates them to be part of the Design Sprint and transform their world. To see all the process check our Instagram account:

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Se a vida é essa, vamos nessa!


Ana Addobbati / @aninhaaddobbati


Ana Addobbati is the founder of Women Friendly, a social startup that certifies and trains companies to combat sexual harassment in their establishments. She believes that private initiative also has its responsibility in creating a more equal and safe environment for women.


She is a Master in Corporate Communication at IE Business School, Spain. And she has ten years of career in Brazil and other countries, in companies such as Natura, Rio 2016 and Alpargatas, also acting as consultant for startups and mentor for social enterprises. She is the leader of the Northeast Alumni group of the Brazilian Student Association (BRASA).


What motivated you to participate in the Design Sprint of Recife?

The possibility of taking part of an innovative methodology of co-creation with the user in the center and making efficient use of the different experiences and business visions of an enthusiastic team. Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to refine my business idea and my product.

What is the idea / project you want to work with during this Design Sprint?

The Women Friendly platform certifies commercial establishments that are committed to combating sexual harassment and ensuring a safe consumer environment for the client. We offer training for the team that is the point of contact and establish internal communication rules to educate the external public about what sexual harassment is and inform that such practices are not accepted in that environment. The idea is to evolve soon to an e-learning platform to gain scale.

How do you want to generate transformations in your environment after participating in the Design Sprint?

I think that offering a product formatted by the user’s perspective is the best way to achieve business objectives. Be through a teaching methodology to the team, which will also be transformed as human beings to understand what it is and why it should fight the harassment; it is better serving the wishes of the final consumer, without victimizing her, but empowering her right to come and go in safety.


Thais Queiroz / @Thais_Queiroz


Trained in Journalism by Uninassau and in Letters by the UFPE. She has been in the labor market since 2007, when she did internships in a social project within the Daily Communication Commerce System. She continued her career in the press office and since 2016 investigates the new role of journalism in times of rapid information. Currently she is pursuing a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing at Estácio. She is director of the company Leyenda Comunicaçao, which offers press consultancy, content production and endomarketing.


What motivated you to participate in the Design Sprint of Recife?

I already knew the work of Chicas Poderosas in the search for gender equality in communication projects. And when I knew that the inscriptions would be open to Recife – precious advice given by colleague Jessica, who did the Manaus edition – I thought: it is the right moment for me that I always wanted to take a step further in my work, and with an overturned methodology for the women. Then, I just have nothing to lose.

What is the idea / project you want to work with during this Design Sprint?

I am looking for news for my company and I intend to focus on a job that combines press and fact-checking consultancy.

How do you want to generate transformations in your environment after participating in the Design Sprint?

I want to use the acquired knowledge to humanize communication between companies and the media. This is another step for the implementation of Recife’s first fact-checking agency, generating more independent media in the region, and what is better, with women in charge.


Emidia Felipe


A journalist with an MBA in Marketing, Emedia Felipe has worked in newspapers and communications consultancies in Rio Grande do Norte and Pernambuco, such as Tribuna do Norte (RN), Jornal do Commercio (PE), Petrobras (PE / PB) and Sesc (RN). He currently provides training, communication consulting and text content at the company he founded, EuEscrevo. Learn more:



Jessica Kianne / @jkianne


Jessica graduated in Graphic Design from IFPB (Federal Institute of Paraíba). She began her career in advertising agencies, having the opportunity to work with development of games and iOS apps. She has great enthusiasm to work on themes involving visual design, digital illustration, technology or comics. She had the opportunity to publish his first comic in Zine XXX, a feminist editorial organized by young comic artists from all over Brazil. Interested in Designing Thinking and Inventive Solutions for Troubleshooting, she came across Sprint Design recently. She believes in the power of Social Design and the impact of DCU as a potential agent of change in society. Currently works as Junior Consultant and Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks Brazil.

What motivated them to participate in the Design Sprint in Recife?

I did a quick Design Thinking course here in Recife, and I became very interested in inventive processes for problem solutions. I came across a video of Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky (GV) explaining what Design Sprint was. Although I read about it, I never got a chance to run the five days. I think this weekend will be a good opportunity to ask questions and exchange knowledge about existing steps, expectations and how to optimize research, ideation, prototyping and iteration time.

What is the idea / project you want to work on during this Design Sprint?

I still do not have a stoned idea, but I aim to touch on issues such as sexism in the workplace, more specifically in the IT world.

How to generate transformations in your environment after participating in Sprint Design?

As I mentioned before, I believe in the power of Social Design, I believe I can try to apply Sprint Design also for projects that seek to minimize the social and economic inequality of my community.


Carolina Nogueira


Carolina is a journalist and illustrator. She has a master’s degree in literature from the Sorbonne in Paris. Political reporter, ten years ago covers the Brazilian Congress for the public television channel TV Camera. She is part of the group that intends to increase the inclusion of TV Câmara in social networks, making the legislative discussion closer to the Brazilian population.

She has published A Rua de Todo Mundo e A História de Você. She writes as a freelancer for magazines in Brazil and, in France, collaborates with the magazine of chronicles and illustrations Citrus. She is co-founder of Quadrado, an electronic magazine that discusses the urban identity of the Brazilian capital.


Maíra Brito


She is a TV writer, journalist and communication master at UPFE, with studies on contemporary Brazilian documentaries. She worked as a communication advisor in feminist organizations at the Women’s Forum of Pernambuco. In Brasília since 2004, she works in the audiovisual market, with experience in executive production, coordination of production and scriptwriting of programs and documentaries for Public TVs, especially TV Câmara. Also guides the development of projects for documentaries in MIRADOCS – Argument Workshop and Screenplay for Documentary. In the cinema, she is part of the team of Brazilian documentaries “Memories” (about women victims of violence and sexual abuse) and “Viola no Swirl” (about violinists from Sertão do Urucuia – MG who tell about their pacts made with the Devil) in progress.


What motivated you to participate in Design Sprint in Recife?

The search for solutions to encourage Brazilians to participate in the democratic and legislative process. We want to attract people to record videos with opinions, testimonies and records related to the topics under discussion in the Chamber. We hope Design Sprint will improve our ideas and strategies, test the project, anticipate mistakes and challenges, and expand the reach of possible solutions.

What idea / project do you want to work on during this Design Sprint?

We want to gather videos recorded by citizens from all over the country, which contain opinions, testimonies and records related to the topics under discussion in the Chamber. We want to encourage the citizen to participate politically, as well as to use this material in the public hearings and in the audiovisual production of TV Câmara.

How to generate transformations in your environment after participating in Design Sprint?

We believe in the enormous potential of TV Câmara as an instrument of popular participation. For this, we bet on a new logic of communication, in which TV ceases to be just the one who emits / transmits the information, and becomes the facilitator in the exchange, in the debate, in the discussion between citizens and the Legislative. If the project succeeds, we believe that it is possible to legitimize and broaden the reach not only of legislative communication, but of the legislative exercise itself.


Erickson Holanda


He is a Designer, graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco. He has been in design for 4 years and has been studying and trying to apply the user-centered design to almost 2 years for the digital medium. It is still a challenge for him, so he seeks to aggregate knowledge in all his experiences.


What motivated you to participate in the Design Sprint in Recife?

Learn new concepts and methodologies and how to apply them in the middle of the day, besides exchanging an idea and meeting new people who are interested in the subject.


What is the idea / project you want to work on during this Design Sprint?

I do not have a concrete idea, just a few insights but I hope to get out of that closer.

How do you want to generate transformations in your environment after participating in Sprint Design?

Being able to pass on my learning to other people and put new ideas in my discussions.


Juliana Santos


Audiovisual Producer and Art Director. She is currently post-graduate in the specialization course in Film Criticism at the Catholic University of Pernambuco. She began her professional career as a producer of objects in short films, advertisements and TV programs such as the short film L by Thais Fujinaga, Beauty Challenge (GNT) and Vivo Galã, among others. Recently, she has co-directed the art documentary feature “In the Name of America” ​​by Fernando Weller, which circulates in the country’s most acclaimed festivals, such as 8º Cachoeira DOC, 41º São Paulo International Film Festival and 19º Rio de Janeiro.

My motivation to participate in Design Sprint Recife is to exchange knowledge with women interested in dialogue and strategize together to lead a market that still overwhelms women. I believe this is an opportunity both to see clearly my business plan and to learn more about Human Centered Design, a practice I try to use in all my work.

I hope from this experience to find the best way to position myself in the market with my company Mirah Studio and get through the program to expand my network for possible partnerships.


Janaína Lima / @mia_comunicacao


Journalist, 42 years. She worked for 17 years in Jornal do Commercio, acting as a reporter and editor of Cultura e Suplementos. She presents the Tourism column Boarding Gate on Radio Jornal. Three years ago she started entrepreneurship. She leads Mia Comunicação, which has clients of tourism, health and technology companies; cultural events and the Náutico football club. Communication advice, production of printed and digital content, PR and event production are the specialties. Currently, it is in the gestation phase of tourism project.



What motivated you to participate in the Design Sprint in Recife?

The possibility of exchanging experiences with other entrepreneurial Pernambucan people, and especially of knowing, discussing and seeking inspiration for new initiatives in digital journalism. Know the tools and concepts of Design Thinking.

What is the idea / project you want to work on during this Design Sprint?

The focus is tourism. I want to develop something unique, with a focus on services and journalism. I think Design Sprint can help me a lot to mature and get my idea straight.

How do you want to generate transformations in your environment after participating in Sprint Design?

That’s one of the things I’m trying to figure out at the event. Mia has a mascot, the Mia dog, adopted four years ago. We support initiatives that encourage the adoption of animals, making press releases of events, for example. Who knows how to strengthen this niche?


Rayane Navarro


She is in the last period of the Designer course and has a project of an application with other girls that seeks to empower women through information and communication, denouncing cases of abuse.

In addition to making her desire for empowerment more real, what motivates her is learning the techniques.

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