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On November 28th and 29th we will hold a data workshop to empower women journalist and develop public data projects with digital storytelling at their core. The event will take place at Telefonica’s startup accelerator headquarters, Wayra. It is organized by SDI and Ipys Venezuela with the support of the academies 4Geeks and Hacks.

Chicas Poderosas opens its chapter in Venezuela to support women journalists with the creation of technological collaborative networks that allow them to optimize their professional development. The first Public Data Hackathon will be about transparency.


Yelitza Linares


Natalie Alvaray


Marianela Balbi


Marjuli Matheus


Carmen Riera

The event is organized in alliance with SDI and Ipys Venezuela, and the support of Telefonica’s startup accelerator headquarters, Wayra. The learning program will begin with a workshop for 25 women communicators, previously selected, that will occur on November 25th and 26th by the data journalism expert Natália Mazotte, coordinator of School of Data in Brazil.

Two days after, ont he 28th and 29th, developers, data experts, infographers, designers, social communication students and other journalists will be able to join the hackathon, to create data journalism and multimedia storytelling prototypes. This developing marathon will happen at the Wayra headquarters in Caracas.

Our attendees will learn by doing. The teams for the first event of Chicas Poderosas will have the support of data journalism and development mentors from the Hacks and 4Geeks academies. In the end, a jury that will reward the best two projects, but the primary objective is that all of the projects can be published in digital media outlets and make them available in the web and/or mobile apps.

The hackathon has a cost of Bs 3.000,00 per person, including food for two days and the support of our mentors. To register, you must complete the online registration form in THIS link, where you will also be able to pay the registration fee online through the Pago Flash platform. We can only accept 50 participants.

Almost 60% of the digital newsrooms in Venezuela are women according to the last study of (Sep. 2016). It makes us hope for a high attendance of women during our hackathon on November 28th and 29th. However, the organization states that our invitation is for women and men, so we can have a diverse and complementary points of view to tackle the questions and problems we will solve during the event.

Chicas Poderosas Ambassadors in Venezuela
Carmen Riera is responsible for the content management at, while Yelitza Linares is the business lead at El, and both are co-founders of the SDI. Marianela Balbi is the director of Ipys Venezuela, an NGO that defends independent journalism and information access. Marjuli Matheus Hidalgo, is the manager of Bloque Dearmas Magazines and Social Media advisor for the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa, SIP. Danisbel Gómez Morillo is the Management and Strategy Director at

To know more about our first Chicas Poderosas event, please visit our social media outlets @PoderosasVe in Twitter and Chicas Poderosas Venezuela in Facebook, as well as or write to [email protected]

Public Data Hackathon
Date: November 28th and 29th, 2016
Time: From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue: Wayra Venezuela, Xerox Tower, 6th floor, Libertador avenue with Ávila avenue. Caracas, Venezuela.

En este encuentro en el que aprenderán haciendo, los participantes podrán ofrecer soluciones tecnológicas para hacer visibles datos públicos: aplicaciones móviles o de web, páginas en línea, visualizaciones de datos o newsgames. Los programadores y diseñadores podrán sumar valor a proyectos nuevos y a otros ya en curso, como el de Vendata (digitalización de diez años de la Gaceta Oficial de Venezuela) a cargo de Ipys Venezuela, o de visualización patrimonio cultural promovido por el Institutional Assets and Monuments of Venezuela (IAM Venezuela), así como a otros desafíos de manejo y análisis de datos en materia de criminalidad y de obras públicas.

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