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Chicas Poderosas Portugal launch podcast in partnership with Antena 3

It was released this Tuesday, October 17, the first episode of Chicas Poderosas Podcast. It is a project thought and produced by Chicas Poderosas Portugal, a movement to give more tools to girls and women, who wants to change the world.

Like all projects with the label ‘Chicas Poderosas’, this is based on collaboration. Thus, the production and edition of the podcast is in charge of the journalist Catarina Marques Rodrigues, and has the support of Antena 3, in whose website will be made available every episode, every Tuesday. The logo was in the hands of the designer Maria Câmara Pestana.

“The podcast will have two main strands: the first is to give voice to inspiring projects and people. The second is to talk about themes that affect us daily, with guests who would not be the most obvious,” the journalist explains.

Among the first interviewees are Sandra Correia, founder of Pelcor and Women’s Club, talking about sharing to multiply and climber João Garcia to talk about Fear. The podcast will be available every Tuesday, on the sites of Chicas Poderosas and Antena 3.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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Mariana Barbosa interview Catarina Marques Rodrigues:

Mariana Barbosa with Catarina Marques Rodrigues, journalist, produces the Chicas POderosas Podcast

Podcast: What is this?

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the Chicas Poderosas podcast and why?

The idea came from conversations with the whole team. We wanted to give voice to people with a path that can motivate us, with a project that can influence other girls to reach their goals. We have the tools and technology at our fingertips. What could be better than carrying the stories with us in our pockets, available to listen to at any time? From there, it was like everything in the Girls: collaboration, energy, knocking on doors and making it happen.

How was the podcast jingle built?

The jingle is made up of various songs and sounds that represent Chicas Poderosas. Those first few seconds have to be strong and have to catch whoever hears us, and we all recognize at least one of those sounds.

What kind of space is this?

In podcasting there is room to introduce people with something to teach, with an experience to share, with successful projects. We want to hear people who teach us to be better, always in an honest way. We are not afraid to ask, we are not ashamed not to know – let us ask the questions we all ask ourselves. Let’s pick up on issues that affect us daily and we will deconstruct them. There is, for example, an episode about Fear.

In what way can, on the one hand inspire to do as the interviewees and, on the other, to replicate the concept?

Simple and straightforward language will help. This is a place of sharing and trust. We therefore invite everyone to tell us what they like to hear in our podcast. You can send all suggestions to [email protected]

Chicas Podcast: the logo

Maria Câmara Pestana, designer, created the logo and any graphic image related to the podcast

What was the idea behind the Chicas Poderosas Podcast?

We wanted to get a cool image that was true to the Chicas Poderosas’ personality and obviously illustrate the podcast. I wanted to give her a bold, feminine, and above all memorable voice.

How did you create the Decline of a Powerful Girls Portugal for a logo more adapted to a product like a podcast?

I had to isolate the two. Although the organization is Chicas Poderosas Portugal, podcasts should have their own branding. I kept clear some elements of the Chicas Portugal brand (such as pink and CP typography), but wanted the podcasts to have their own self-explanatory identity.

Why did you choose this image and these colors?

It was not easy to get to this image. The process took several iterations. I started by complicating and rendering more complex simple ideas of what a podcast is and then simplifying them as much as possible. The mouth was the image that ended up having more strength and better represent the idea of ​​the active voice of the Girls.

As for the colors wanted to maintain the female character and so the pink color was an immediate choice. Purple is often associated with power and ambition, these are also characteristics of the CP movement and the guests who will give their testimony in these podcasts.

Learn more about Maria’s work here.

Special thanks to Eliana Vaca for her mentoring in graphic design. To know more about her work click here: www.uvavaca.com

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