Portugal, here we go!

Are you ready for 4 days full of brilliant minds? Chicas Poderosas is coming to Portugal. From october 5th to october 8, in Casa das Historias Paula Rego, Cascais, we will have talks, workshops and debates about leadership, technology, career tips and progress in media. We will have CEO’s, audio and video experts, journalists and entrepreneurs. Let’s change the game for a better future to all of us. No barriers. You just need the courage and the knowledge to achieve your dreams. Let’s do it?

Jane McDonnell
Executive director of the Online News Association (ONA). Jane oversees and manages the day-to-day world’s largest organization of society of digital journalists. She has a long history of journalism innovation and development nonprofit. Prior to joining ONA, Jane was Consulting senior editor for the Project for Excellence in Journalism “2008 State of the News Media Report. In 2006-2007, she supervised the communication, marketing and digital efforts of the Center for Public Integrity.
Linda Pereira
Powerful Diva!
Linda Pereira can help us by showing how to attract new customers with a simple step-by-step process. In today’s highly competitive, be a confident and effective networker sets it apart from the crowd. You become more visible, feel whenever you’re in control and will always create more business opportunities than the norm. 99% of people fear this vital activity; This workshop will help you overcome all your fears and concerns. Our goal is to make it fun, inspiring and highly participatory. From our extensive experience in a variety of professions, we believe that the need for training is different depending on a person’s career stage. As a result, we tailor each workshop to reflect this.
Vanessa Fernandes
You need not be presented. Who does not remember, look for videos of the Olympic Games 2008. Our Chica Powerful will be the second woman to cross the line of the triathlon event. We speak, of course, Vanessa Fernandes, who at 22 won a silver medal and, at 30, still has a history to be written.
History of her career with all the inherent challenges
Rita Ferro Rodrigues
She is a journalist and presenter of Portuguese television. With great sensitivity to social causes, Rita Ferro Rodrigues founded Capazes with the capability platform, initially named “Maria Capaz,” a woman’s claim space and discussion of the female condition. The website exceeded in the first month, 1 million views.
Isabel Faia
Feminine empowerment
Isabel’s coach, trainer, mother, companion and above all women. He believes that all women have tremendous wisdom within themselves but often do not believe her. It also believes that the female energy can and should be an incredible incubator synergies, support and growth, provided that there is awareness and that will. thus created the Women’s Circles to help women to remember is this inner wisdom and that collective power. And that’s what she has to tell us today. Because a Chica becomes even more powerful when it takes this personal and group power.
Marta Mertens
BELIEVE TO SEE vs see to believe
Marta Davies Mertens 39 years on the way to 40. Women, Mother, Daughter, Citizen of the World and BE in the universe, to live my unlimited potential and to share how, in simplicity but also in the magnitude of our EXISTENCE. BELIEVE TO SEE! Why have I encountered yet, resistance to believe that all we have is what we need … exactly EVERYTHING! Life gives us exactly what we need every moment to evolve.
Isabel Neves
Shark Tank Portugal
It is the face of women’s entrepreneurship in Portugal. Lawyer, president of the Lisbon Business Angels Club, Isabel Neves founded and directed the Association of Portuguese Entrepreneurs and will be one of the sharks in the second edition of the Shark Tank Portugal.
Helena Rodrigues
Moving the needle – How to change mentalities?
Degree in Philosophy and with 13 years of experience in marketing and management, Helena Rodrigues founded in 2013 to Think Strategic, which recently won a new identity: Alby Group. Today, he leads a group of companies covering six areas of business and has grown from four to 20 employees in just six months. In between, he has time to be the president of the Portuguese delegation of the Women Presidents’ Organization, an international organization for women who lead companies with turnovers of more than a million dollars.
1. The Challenges of Portuguese Women
2. My challenges My Experience as an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Allby Group
3. My goals for the Women Presidents’ Org in Portugal
4.Women holding companies with executive decision-making positions (data in Portugal)
5. Diversity and balance instead of Gender Equality
Ana Fontoura
Social responsibility, lead company and community
Most faithful employee, Ana Fontoura is responsible for communication and social responsibility Loyalty Group Insurance. More than objectives, is dedicated to the implementation of ideas. She is responsible for creating a policy of proximity between the Group and civil society. She believes that “customers have to know what we’re doing.” Thus was born the site people with ideas, meeting platform and dissemination of good community practices and healthy lifestyles. In 2014 wins PACE Award for communicator of the year, which it considers to be the “icing on the cake” of a career unanimously recognized as brilliant.
Carolina Reis (Express) interviews Ana Fontoura. They will address social responsibility issues, lead company-community, taking as its starting point the site of Fidelity gentecomideias.pt prepared by the communicator.
Marta Velho
CEO & Co-Founder of begin.media
The begin.media is an online platform that aims to be a showcase of work for journalists who want to enter the labor market. We offer to the authors of an accompanying editorial articles by recognized and experienced professionals, as well as a payment per article based on an innovative system, similar to crowdfunding.
Tania Roquette
Promote entrepreneurship
Tania is co-founder of FULL FABRIC, a software company to universities.
Discuss the main challenges we face in launching a company and how to combat the fear of failure.
Paula Cordeiro
Last night the PODCAST saved my life
In this workshop I will (try to) answer several questions, all related to podcasts, audio and voice. Often I ask myself why podcasts are suddenly full on without, however, being very popular. It seems to make no sense, but then I try to explain: I think what could be the possible business models for podcasts in Portuguese, without being dependent on the reputation of its author. Based on these issues, I will tell you about the reality of podcasting and share some tricks and strategies for creating a podcast, starting with the use of our voice as a tool, through the buzzword of storytelling and ending the digital tools we can use this process. How to create something interesting in a universe full of ideas? How to create a stimulating content for my podcast? You can be innovative? I can speak and how can I do? What tools exist to make a podcast? How to promote my podcast?

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