Happiness comes to Oporto in the shape of innovation

Chicas Poderosas Porto 29 and 30 May 2017
Hard Club (Room 2)
Market Ferreira Borges

Can innovation be a passport to happiness? Should innovation contribute to happiness? Or is happiness that appears as the requisite and end of innovation? How can local power enhance happiness? Is happiness possible without equality? These and many more questions will be on the table on May 29 and 30 at the Ferreira Borges market in Porto.

With the seal of  Chicas Poderosas and the Oporto City Council, in an initiative integrated in the 2017 Start & Scale week, civil society is invited to two days of debates, presentations, conversations in the way of interviews and workshops where it will be tried to discover how the Talent and innovation can be put at the service of humanity.

Nuno Vargas (design thinking), Tiago Forjaz (CDO of MighT – Talent Strategists), Berta Nunes (mayor of Alfândela da Fé), Rodrigo Carvalho (entrepreneur, cofounder of Nutriventures), and Rosario Gamboa (President of Politécnico do Porto) are just some of the names that will pass in the space of the Powerful Girls to help think about themes considered fundamental today.

Once the paradigm of the 1980s and 1990s where profit was to be achieved at all costs, global society is now faced with another level of concern such as the explosion of entrepreneurship and the panoply of flexible, remote, An increasingly desirable quality of life.

In 2014 the magazine Wired dedicated an extensive article to the “Virtuous cycle of happiness”, of which we quote a small paragraph:

“Our generation is getting to the point of material saturation. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles-based Center for Everyday Lives of Families said that we are living today in the materially richest society in history. As a result, millennials are less prone to buying “things” by turning more to experiences. But what makes experiences so desirable? In addition to product experimentation, marketing and experience services reach the emotions, and the most powerful (or the one customers are willing to pay for) is happiness. ”

Under the motto of happiness and innovation, the Powerful Girls return to Porto, two months after the last event, wanting to widen the spectrum of the debate, remembering that it is with everyone’s contribution that one can reach a more just society, more Balanced and clear, happier.

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9:15 – Creditations

9:30 – Guest CMP TBA

10:00 – 12:00 – DESIGN THINKING workshop with Nuno Vargas

14:30 – 16: 50 – Coding workshop with Ana Saldanha, geek girls

17:00 – Pecha Kucha – apply on the day

17:45 – Rodrigo Carvalho from  Nutriventures


10:00 – Tiago Forjaz from MighT

10:45 – Mafalda Moutinho interviewsBerta Nunes

11:30 – Bisturi @Chicas Poderosas

14:30 – 15:50 –  Podcast workshop with Paula Cordeiro

16:00 – Francisca Van Zeller – Van Zeller & co

17:00 – Rosário Gamboa – Politécnico do Porto

17:45 -Guest CMP TBA

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