Chicas Poderosas Argentina: Activate the power of your ideas

Chicas Poderosas invites journalists, designers and programmers interested in participating in the Hackaton of Chicas Poderosas Argentina in the Media Party 2017, to be held in Buenos Aires from September 13 to 15.

The proposal is to develop new journalistic stories and new ways of storytelling, to improve and deepen political coverage in an election year and a changing political context.

For three days, participants will learn and share knowledge about using new tools. The focus is on addressing the social web to learn more about candidates, parties, their campaigns and possible election results.

The first day will start with workshops with specialists in social web, social media, political context, toolkits to identify fake news, data scraping, and data visualization. On the second day, the participants will work in teams to think and prototype specific products: research stories about the October legislative elections in which what is learned and the skills of each are used to tackle electoral issues. On the third day they will finish producing a minimum viable product. These will be evaluated by a jury, who will choose a winning team.

Who can participate?

Journalists of politics, general information, technology and society; Designers working in the media and programmers interested in learning new skills, sharing what they know, innovating and working as a team. In addition, they must be available on September 13, 14 and 15.

Why participate?

To obtain new tools to investigate and tell stories.
To work in multidisciplinary teams, share what you know and learn from the rest.
To create innovative projects in journalism.
To improve coverage of the October legislative elections and future elections.
To open the debate, to visualize new angles of the elections and to explore the social web.
We will select 40 participants (men can also apply but priority will be given to women’s applications).


If you are a powerful woman, and you are interested in innovating in media and improving the coverage of the elections, complete this form  and let’s rock the hackaton!

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