Investigative journalism training in Brazil: inclusion, citizenship and gender in politics

A look on inclusion, citizenship and gender – in this Brasilien political context.

It is in times of crisis, like what Brazil is experiencing today, that innovation emerge.

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What: FACT CHECKING training for brasilien women journalists (men & LGBTQ are also welcome)

When: March 8th, 9th and 10th

Where: 8th & 9th Chicas Poderosas will be at Google Campus São Paulo 

10th Hackathon: We will be working for 12 hours straight, at Nubank, working in multi disciplinary teams to create stories using the data found on the workshops of fact checking.

Mission: Bring together creative minds from journalism, design and technology and rethink politics in Brazil

Chicas Poderosas aims to bring together creative minds from journalism, design and technology to rethink politics in Brazil. We will have Fact Checking training (checking information to verify its truthfulness) with the Agency Lupa Educação and Chequeado (Argentina). We will track data on gender-biased and inclusiveness on this pre election period.

We will also have interactive talks where the focus of the debate will be on this Brazilian electoral campaign, focusing on the analysis of women’s participation in the electoral process in Brazil and how the media are covering the active participation of women and minorities in politics. There will be two days with a great diversity of voices, to know to what extent there is inclusion, citizenship and gender in Brazil.

On the third day of the event there will be a Hackathon in space Nubank (R. Capote Valente, 39 – Pinheiros)

Hackathon aims to bring together professionals from different areas of knowledge to work in collaboration with the data tracked in previous days. If you don’t have a team yet, no worries, there will be an opportunity to meet new people, working with them to tell stories that are not (well) told. The best story will be published in Época magazine.


By building a strong collaboration between different communication professionals, we have become stronger, able to keep the population informed and engaged in these elections, and governments accountable.


Thank you Google News Labs for making this possible

This is our partners in this mission:

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