Chicas Poderosas BOGOTÁ 2017 – You have the power to choose

August 10, 11 and 12th Bogota Chicas Poderosas 2017

Closing of inscriptions August 2nd at noon, 12:00 Colombian time

Chicas Poderosas, in partnership with OXFAM, the University of Santo Tomás, First Draft and Harvard University, invites journalists, designers and programmers interested in being part of Bogota Chicas Poderosas 2017, a day of mentoring, training and teamwork for the development of a journalistic project on the use of social networks in the coverage of the next elections.

Workshop Description

A 3-day workshop will be held in Bogotá, bringing together 40 journalists (from regions and located in Bogotá). The workshop will focus on the training and use of tools and skills to cover the 2018 presidential elections, particularly the extraction and analysis of information, from databases and social networks.

The meeting will be accompanied by Claire Wardle, Director of First Draft; Nic Días, senior researcher, data and computer expert and Mariana Santos, founder of Chicas Poderosas that will give an extraordinary experience for the Colombian media. It will be three days of training and inspiration on tactics to tell disruptive digital stories!

With this activity we seek to create a network of journalists and media committed to participating in a national coverage project. Pre-selected multidisciplinary teams will work alongside mentors and industry experts to design and develop a prototype research history. A project will be selected to advance the process until its publication.

The participating journalists will be linked to the project from their media and Chicas Podereros will carry out the editorial work of the contents in a microsite of electoral subjects within its global page

During the two weeks prior to the workshop, the participants will be organized into teams and a mentor will be assigned to each team for a preliminary brainstorming session, gathering information and research topics during the workshop.

Workshop themes and tools

Training: We will share some tools and processes that are specific to our roles: data mining or scraping, development of interactive features, research techniques.

Working with social networks: Analysis of social networking architecture, often used to viralize fake news, search and analysis of data from scraping tools with social networks.

Viewing stories: Teach storytelling in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way to generate interest in the audience. Learn to include an active part in the consumption of online narrative.

Networking and creative process: Gather a group of people with different skills to work together, accept change and celebrate the possibility of developing new projects. The final project can be interactive, animated or with simple data visualizations, using all the skills taught by the team, where participants learn to create a process in which everyone contributes to the improvement of a product.

Feeding networking: Chicas Poderosas also aims to feed a network where participants can keep in touch to further develop projects and maintain the exchange of knowledge.

About teachers

Mariana Santos: Founder of Chicas Poderosas


She is founder and CEO of Chicas Poderosas.

Executive Director of the New Ventures Lab, the independent women-powered media accelerator, Chicas Poderosas, to kick off this year. Mentor of design thinking training for media innovation. Until August 2016, she was Director of the Fusion Media Interactive and Animation team and Knight Chair of Innovation at the University of Florida (FIU). In 2015, he graduated from JSK Journalism Knight Fellowship in Stanford. She was a fellow of the International Center for Knight Journalists, where she worked throughout Latin America in important newsrooms and independent journalists.

Claire Wardle: Director of First Draft


Claire Wardle is the Director of First Draft, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges associated with trust and truth in the digital age. Previously, she was Director of Research at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at the Columbia Journalism School, director of social media for the UN Refugee Agency and Director of Storyful News Services. She is one of the world’s experts in user-generated content, and has led two major research projects investigating how news organizations manage it. He also participates in the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum on the Future of Information and Entertainment.

Nic Dias: Senior Researcher


Nic is a Senior Research Fellow at First Draft. He recently graduated with honors from the Columbia Journalism School, where he specialized in data and computation. He has scraped countless records from the web, used machine learning to analyze freedom of information requests and processed shipping records to aid detection of UN sanctions violations. His current interests include computationally monitoring social networks, detecting social bots and understanding the cognitive determinants of misinformation consumption and sharing.

Olga Lucía Lozano: Social innovator


Director and creator of EnModoP, a social innovator focused on new ways of doing journalism. Winner in 2013 of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Journalism Award with Proyecto Rosa.

Juanita León: Director of La Silla Vacía


Founder and director of La Silla Vacía. Former editor of El Tiempo y Semana. Fellow Nieman of Harvard.

Juan Pablo Marín: Pseudo-philosopher of data and science


Co-founder and CEO of Random Monkey. Specialized in data journalism, democratization of open data, visualization applications and tools for journalists in the Datasketch portal.

Profile of participants

We are looking for women journalists interested in innovating in the ways of counting. We invite publishers, journalists, designers, programmers, community managers who want to work as a team and learn new tools to cover the election period. Journalists of media and independent of media (radio, press, tv and digital) can apply.

Costs and supports

Thanks to OXFAM the event will have support for the attendees.

  • For journalists in Bogotá the event will cover snacks and materials.
    For regional journalists, transportation, accommodation, snacks and materials will be covered.

How to enroll

File the following form:

  • Send the following documents with the subject “Applying to Chicas Poderosas” and your name to the email [email protected]
  • A short biography (maximum one paragraph).
  • Reference letter of the medium or platform where you have worked in your role. * (Not applicable for freelancers.)
  • Link or PDF of a paper published between July 2016 and July 2017.

Closing of inscriptions July 31st at the 24:00 hour Colombia.

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Chicas Poderosas Colombia

Twitter: @poderosaschicas

This event is possible thanks to our wonderful allies, THANKS!

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