Investigative Reporting Program Launches in Bogotá, Colombia

The Chicas Poderosas, multi-country investigative reporting program launched this week in Bogota, Colombia with two virtual events from First Draft News and CrowdTangle. The virtual sessions are a prelude to the upcoming three-day event to train women journalists on how to analyze social media data, and mine data for reporting on presidential elections. This idea originated with Giannina Segnini, board member of Chicas Poderosas and professor of investigative journalism at Columbia University, who envisioned a cross border political election investigation between Colombia, Argentina and Costa Rica.

The Colombia investigative reporting program titled: You Have The Power to Choose, is being organized by Chicas Poderosas Colombia Ambassadors. Fifty-three women were selected to participate in the program from a pool of ninety-two applicants from twenty-one cities. Participants from journalism, design, and communication fields will collaborate on projects, while acquiring new skills from experts throughout the 3 days. The three-day program will be held at Santo Tomas University, in the city of Bogotá, on 10, 11, 12 August 2017.

First Draft News: Claire Wardle and Nic Dias, Chicas Poderosas’ partners in the investigative reporting program, have monitored elections in France and UK, and have generously agreed to provide training to our 53 participants on how to use social media data in election reporting. They be on site in Bogota and virtually as mentors and trainers.

Recordings of two virtual sessions from First Draft News’ Nic Dias and CrowdTangle’s Carlin Scrudato.

First Draft News

    CrowdTangle, a content discovery and social monitoring platform for publishers and brands.

Chicas Poderosas Colombia Ambassadors

The Chicas Poderosas Investigative Reporting Program is due to the dedication of the Chicas Poderosas Ambassadors in Colombia. The Ambassadors are volunteers who have been working over the past two months to create a viable program for women journalists in the region. Their goal is to develop a network of women who will collaborate, and share insights and knowledge to build a stronger, more informed community.

Claudia Báez: Investigative journalist specialized in analyzing databases for journalistic pieces. Experienced in the production of data reports for digital media and management of digital projects involving journalistic production.

International experience working in France, the United States and Mexico. Master’s Degree in Economic and Social Development Studies with emphasis on Industrial Development and Evaluation of projects from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Fellow in ProPublica of the program of entrepreneurship and digital innovation for journalists of the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) 2016.

She is a member of the team of the Data Unit of El Tiempo and is a research assistant at the National Center for Historical Memory. Member of the team that won the Ortega y Gasset 2016 prize in the best multimedia work category, received honorable mention at the COLPIN 2015 IPYS investigative journalism awards and first mention of honor at the Inter American Press Association (IAP) 2016 Awards in The multimedia coverage category.

Mayra Baéz Jimeno: Digital storyteller and political scientist, expert in media innovation, social video, audience engagement and scientific communication. Co-founder of Al Jazeera’s first medium in Spanish and Latin America, AJ + Español. Lecturer and mentor with Chicas Poderosas. She has won awards from Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, IWFM and The 19 Million Project.

Lia Valero: Chicas Poderosas Board member. She is a member of the Rutas del Conflicto team, a research medium on the armed conflict in Colombia and winner of the Data Journalism Award 2017 in the Website of the Year category. In this medium, she has specialized in data journalism on massacres; Research on land ownership in Colombia, and audio-visual stories with war survivors.

She works as a freelancer for De Correspondent, a Dutch medium focused on in-depth journalism and part of the Latin American Young Journalists Network. She was one of the co-founders of 100In1Day / 100En1Dia, a global movement on citizenship and urban interventions.

Maria Paula Martinez: Professor at Center of Studies in Journalism of the University of the Andes. She wrote the book “Eight Keys to Understanding Digital Audiences in Colombia” (2017 FNPI-Ceper), from the Colombian chapter in “Political Activism in Internet Times” (2016) Democratic Platform and Mapping Digital Media (2012) Open Society Foundations.

Teresita Goyeneche: Internationalist by profession, journalist and office manager. She has worked in organizations such as Fundación Leonor Espinosa, CONNECTAS and the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for New Ibero-American Journalism, where she coordinated and led the Technical Secretariat of the Gabo Award during four editions. Her journalistic work has been published in media such as Vice Colombia, Univision, Factum Magazine, El Espectador, Pacifista, Revista Dossier, among others. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Creative Writing for Non-Fiction at Columbia University in New York.

Eliana Vaca: Diseñadora gráfica con énfasis en mediación cultural, estructura y dirige proyectos con población indígena, víctimas del conflicto y minorías en situación vulnerable. Se ha desempeñado como directora creativa en proyectos sociales en museos, desarrollando metodologías de diseño inclusivo.
Ha realizado marcas territoriales en conjunto con la población, creando nuevas metodologías de diseño comunitario, Estructuró todo el concepto gráfico, exhibición y montaje del proyecto “Guillermo Cano 30 Años”. Apasionada por el diseño editorial y el diseño de información.


Day 1
Thursday, August 10: Santo Tomas University – Cra. 9 # 72-90
Conferences open to the public

8:00am: Registration

8:30 amMariana Santos & Lia Valero – Chicas Poderosas International & Chicas Poderosas Colombia. Welcome and Introduction

9:00 am: Inequality in elections coverage. The minorities participations. Oxfam

9:35 am: FIRST DRAFT: Elections in France and UK. What we learned from them. Claire Wardle

10:00 am: FIRST DRAFT: Advanced information verification techniques in networks. Nic Dias

11:00 a.m. Break

11:15 am Monitoring online conversations and political discourse using computational methods. Nic Dias

12:30 am Lunch

2:00 pm What can and cannot be done according to the electoral calendar? MOE – Electoral Observation Mission: Danilo Sepúlveda

3:30 a.m. Break

4:00 pm The challenges of the next legislative elections. Juanita León – La Silla Vacía

Day 2
Friday, August 11
8:30 am – Santo Tomas University – Cra. 9 # 72-90 (registration)

9:00 am Design and User Experience. Mariana Moura Santos and Olga Lucía Lozano.

10:00 am The challenges of covering elections in the region. Tatiana Velásquez

11:00 a.m. Break

11:15 am Construction of a large database of political power networks. Juan Pablo Marín DataSketch

12:15 am Tools for electoral coverage. MOE – Election Observation Mission: Fabián Hernández

1:00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm FIRST DRAFT: Creation of a collaborative network for real-time electoral coverage- Nic Dias, Juan Pablo Marín

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Mentoring, formation of work groups and choice of topics.

Special invitation
7:00 pm Data & Guaros. 5th Data & Guaros meeting to share projects, research or proposals around data journalism, Open Data and visualizations.
Address: Cra 6 # 45 – 29 (Close to Javeriana University).

Day 3
Saturday, August 12
9:00 am – Santo Tomas University – Cra. 9 # 72-90

Production and remote working scheme.

Construction of a collaborative network for electoral coverage.

Thank you for all the support of our partners.

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