The team first, then you

Our Chica Poderosa Mariana Barbosa was learning from other powerful Chicas y Chicos in journalism: ProPublica team.

At July she was in the media newsroom of this organization which is considered one of the most important in the United States and is the model for many media around the world who want to innovate in digital platforms.

Mariana shares two great lessons she will never forget and which were a constant during Chicas Poderosas – Dow Jones Fellowship:

1. How to make the most of the data to tell stories
2. Teamwork

ProPublica team also learned from her. We share this short interview with Scott Klein, her former “boss”:

We read the posts that Mariana published during her scholarship (if not, read the articles at the end of this article) and we know that during her month she worked hand-to-hand to ProPublica team, and was even weekends working in publications.

That was Chicas Poderosas – Dow Jones Fellowship, deep immersion in different contexts, be learning every day new practices and be another member inside the host team.

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