New Ventures Lab Brazil 2019 begins with world class team of mentores

The kick-off week of the New Ventures Lab’s accelerated empowerment program was marked by meetings with mentors who guided the 30 participants on how to set the foundations for their business’ success. Topics such as Business Model, Lean Methodology, Commercial Innovation, Canvas and Branding were discussed during the 5 days of programming, which took place in the Cubo business accelerator at Itaú Bank in São Paulo.

“The 10 projects selected to be part of the program, are focused on generating social change, which is extremely relevant. To do so, they must have a structured business model that supports them in finding resources, making decisions and optimizing their impact capacity, “explains Mariana Santos, Chicas Poderosas’ CEO.

This year, new mentors joined the program. In the first and second days of the acceleration program, the brand strategy consultant Lívia Fukuda focused on the essential pillars for the creation of a business model, discussing how to use the agile methodology and create a product roadmap so that the products which will derive from each project have its process managed with excellence and that are launched in the market with optimization of resources. In addition, several cases of success in the market were discussed and investigated. Lívia has worked in companies such as Future Brands and Louis Vuitton.

Natura’s Business Innovation Manager Paulo Padovani was one of the mentor team members and discussed business models and shared from the perspective of a large company the deciding factors when deciding to invest in partnerships, causes and project sponsorship. Aline Fróes, director of 1Sti, a digital technology company focused on high impact business and deep tech specialist, participated in the 3rd day of the program discussing impact, metrics and how to generate ecosystem value from audience / consumer / user study. Advertiser André Rabanea, co-founder of Beta-I, a Portuguese innovation company, led a workshop on creativity and guerrilla marketing opportunities.

From New Ventures Lab I, we had mentors who continued on, sharing their huge commitment on building successful paths to independent digital media. Paulo Vieira Coelho, CEO of Arrowplan and a specialist in patents, has been participating in the program for more than one year to support managers to register their patents and trademarks so that their businesses are not only protected but also valued. Consultants Bárbara Fernandes, a mentor of Singularity University, and Adriana do Ó, founder of the Nova Erah consulting firm, dedicated themselves to building the Business Canvas team that will serve as the basis for all business management and negotiations with investors and partners . From the Chicas Poderosas’ team. Gia Castello, Ambassador in Argentina, shared her expertise in project management in liquid organizations

“All mentors have contributed crucially to the beginning of the development trail in a way integrated with our business development proposal based on Human Centered Design and Lean methodology,” says Ana Addobbati, NVL manager

Panel of Leaders – This year, inspiring women in the communications business have come again to share lessons learned. Bebel Abreu, founder of Mandacaru Design, Giulliana Bianconi, founder of Gender and Number, Dani Arrais, founder of Content and Emily Canto, Alumni Chicas and founder of Ada, discussed from the perspective of each one’s trajectories, how to monetize the business, get sponsorship, interaction with brands and financing entities.

At the end of the program, Talent Academy, technology consulting and people management, announced the partnership with the Chicas Poderosas for New Ventures Lab participants to access the tool for self-knowledge, strength mapping and purpose. With this, the expectation is that in March, when the theme is leadership, teams can define roles, functions in the business in a consistent and professional manner.

Online mentoring is already happening, with each team being assigned a market mentor so that their products and projects evolve and are ready to raise funds at the end of the program.

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