Investigative training event in Brazil: inclusion, citizenship and gender in politics

This year 2018, Brazil will see a year of a very bubbling political context.

Chicas Poderosas is embarking on an exciting new year with two new initiatives designed to empower and increase the number of Latin American women in investigative journalism. The first is a program to support women entrepreneurs in the development of investigative, independent, digital media organizations – the NVL starting in January 29th.
The second is a closely aligned investigative journalism digital-media training program
that will take place in seven countries between July 2017 and June 2018. We will culminate the
year with an annual Summit in May of 2018 that will focus on women in investigative journalism, entrepreneurship and independent media.

In women’s day, March 8th Chicas Poderosas will deliver an investigative journalism training bringing together all the best players in the country who have been dedicating their investigations on the so called “fake news”. As Brazil has often seen too many fake news, there are really great independent news organizations who have flourish to do full time fact checking: Agencia Lupa, Aos Fatos and Truco. These players have been training journalists around the country to make sure they can create a collaborative network of journalists who can be actively involved in this elections.

After hearing the opinions of the Brasilien Chicas Poderosas’ community, the skill most need is fact checking. More journalists want to make use of this skill and get involved in stopping what have been often a normalization of fake news.

With the support of Google News Lab, Chicas Poderosas will provide a 3 days event. On the 8th and 9th there will be panel discussions and presentations with industry experts on fact checking. All of the talks and panels will be live streamed and documented for the general Chicas Poderosas community.

On Saturday the 10th there will be a 12hr hackathon where pre- selected multidisciplinary teams will work together with mentors and industry experts, to design and develop an investigative story prototype based on the data found on the two previous days. At the end of the day the different teams will pitch their stories and the best will be published in a partner news organization.

Chequeado – the first fact checking agency in Latin America, will join the event providing an Argentinian perspective, to break with the spanish-portuguese barriers and allow Latin American journalists to come together and learn from each other – this is the magic Chicas Poderosas believes can change the scenario – when we work in collaboration.

Applications will be on site once we have guaranteed the best training for women journalists in Brazil.

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