Chicas Poderosas Argentina opens the call to the Mediatón #InResistence

On July 13 and 14, 100 journalists from across the country will participate in two days of collaborative work to create multimedia journalism projects on social issues

Chicas Poderosas, a global community that promotes women’s leadership in the media and generates knowledge to design the future of journalism, announces its first Mediatón in Argentina, under the slogan #EnResistencia, on July 13 and 14 in Buenos Aires, with the support of Google News Initiative, Google’s initiative to help journalism practices in our digital era.

During two days, 100 women who work in media in cities across the country will work in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way to tell stories and make multimedia journalistic projects on social issues underrepresented in the media agenda. Attendees will learn about tools and work methodologies in workshops with industry professionals and will work in teams with the support of mentors.

Stories will be told about resistance to gender inequalities, lack of visibility of dissent, discrimination and xenophobia, socio-economic inequality, threats to the environment and human rights violations, especially of vulnerable groups, creating minimum viable products during the two days of mediation. After the event, the teams will have a mentor who will accompany them for a month to perfect the product for publication.

The Mediatón #EnResistencia is going to take place at HIT Cowork de Libertador, in the Nuñez district, City of Buenos Aires. The call is open to women, non-binary people and also men who work in media, communication, programming, design, social networks, video, illustration, data, (75% women and non-binary people, and 25% men) .

Interested people can apply here: / viewform? usp = sf_link

On the other side, we are calling on social organizations to present underrepresented issues in which they work, so that they can be covered by journalists who will participate in the Mediatón #EnResistencia:

The goal of the Mediatón #EnResistencia is to make other voices and stories visible and to put on the public agenda problems that are not represented in the media, as well as to promote feminine leadership and generate opportunities for collaborative and interdisciplinary work among women in journalism, communication and technology.

This meditahon is partially sponsored by:

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